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Calories in black coffee

Information on Black Coffee

Caffeine is an integral part of numerous lives everywhere around the world. Facts about calories in the coffee are well studied and documented so it is well known  that those who want to lose weight need to steer clear of lattes. There are different ways of curbing one’s daily caffeine needs. The best way of doing that is to switch to regular black coffee also known as espresso. Black coffee is very low on calories, which makes it the perfect choice for all those who cannot give up on coffee but still need to lose some excess weight. Black coffee is the strongest of all different types of coffee and it has the bitterest taste. It does not contain any sugar or milk so that means that it has a really powerful and distinct flavor. It contains only ground coffee beans and hot water. It is perhaps the purest shot of caffeine available. Those who cannot live without caffeine should probably get enough of it from just a couple of sips of pure black coffee. It is commonly served in a tiny glass.

Calories in Black Coffee

A serving of 270 grams of black coffee contains an incredible low amount of just 5 calories. And that is 5 calories for a serving of 270 grams, but in reality it is close to impossible to drink that amount of black coffee for the entire day. The only reason why pure black coffee does not contain a large number of calories is that it does not contain sugar or milk. These two ingredients are responsible for the high content of calories in all the common types of coffee. Black coffee does have less calories but it also contains very little nutrients as well, unlike its other counterparts which are loaded with nutrients because of the presence of sugar and milk. Black coffee actually does not contain any nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats or proteins.

Calories in Black Coffee with Sugar

Some people may find the black coffee too bitter to drink all by itself. That is why they need to add some sugar so that the bitter taste can be diluted. 2 cubes of sugar add approximately 19 calories to each cup of black coffee. Those same two cubes also add about 5 grams of carbohydrates, as well. Black coffee is the ultimate caffeinated beverage for all those who want to lose some excess weight.

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