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Information on Cobb Salad

Cobb salad is known as a colorful, very attractivelyarranged type of garden salad. It was the most sought after item on the menu ofthe Hollywood Brown Derby and it got its name from the man who first introducedit and he was Robert H. Cobb. For those who may not know, Brown Derby was asuccessful chain of restaurants in Los Angeles. The Cobb salad was born whenRobert H. Cobb wanted to welcome one of his important guests in a ratherspecial way.

That guest was Sid Grauman, the operator and owner of the famousGrauman’s Chinese Theater. Cobb just took a bunch of different ingredients hefound in the refrigerator and chopped as finely as he could. The key factor wasthe arrangement in a beautiful, colorful way. Sid Grauman was so pleased withthe new born salad that he ordered it each and every time he visited the BrownDerby restaurant. The salad grew more and more popular and it did not take longbefore famous

Hollywood actresses and actors started ordering it as well. As aconsequence, all the other restaurants and hotels had to add Cobb salad totheir menu cards.

The original Cobb salad contained tomatoes, garlic, crispbacon, black pepper, lettuce, lemon juice, chives, salt, chicken breast,spices, hard cooked eggs, herbs, avocado, vinegar, Roquefort cheese and saladoil. Nowadays, there are many varieties of the Cobb salad.

Cobb Salad Calories

Different varieties of the famous Cobb salad are served innumerous restaurants everywhere around the world. Most varieties containiceberg, Roquefort cheese, lettuce, hard boiled eggs, tomato, chicken breastand bacon. There are a growing number of people who are very cautious abouttheir calorie intake so there are also certain low calorie varieties of Cobbsalad as well. A serving of dry Cobb salad for one person contains up to 393calories.

A serving of 248 grams of ready pac Cobb salad contains 410 calories.A serving of McDonald’s California Cobb salad which weighs approximately 334grams contains 280 calories. Each serving of red robin Cobb salad contains 451calories. It does not contain any bread, dressing, bacon or blue cheese. A servingof 308 grams of Cosi Cobb Salad contains 419 calories.

Each serving of 237grams of McDonald’s California Cobb salad without dressing and chicken contains160 calories. A serving of 536 grams of Uno Chicago Grill classic Cobb saladmay contain up to 630 calories. Each serving of 518 grams of Old SpaghettiFactory Cobb salad without any dressing contains 700 calories. Cobb salad isjam packed with various nutrients.

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