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Information on Banana

For all those who wondered about the calories count inbananas there are some good news because the count is very low, but it alldepends on the size of the bananas. As the size of a banana determines thecalorie count, it can be quite hard to determine the precise calorie count.Some bigger bananas may be actually twice as big as the smaller bananas. Smallbananas with 6 inches of length contain approximately 72 calories, while biggerbananas with up to 9 inches in length may contain up to 135 calories. When allthese parameters are considered, one comes to the conclusion that the caloriecount of a single banana ranges from low to medium. The better part of thosecalories comes from the carbohydrates contained in the bananas. Proteins arepresent as well, but they only contribute 1 percent of total calories content.Bananas have an exceptional nutritional value so that is why they are widelyrecommended by most nutritionists. Bananas contain very low amounts of sodiumand they are very rich in potassium so that means that they boost the levels ofenergy and relieve fatigue very efficiently. Bananas are digested rather easilyand they are of great help when it comes to excreting excess water from thebody.

Bananas can be purchased throughout the entire year, theycome at a fairly cheap price, they are very delicious and they contain nobothersome seeds. Bananas have a thick skin which protects them from bacteriaand diseases. All those who indulge in exercises or any other similar types ofphysical activities should include bananas into their daily diets because theyprovide enormous amounts of energy in the quickest possible way. It isespecially efficient if consumed in the morning, as a sort of breakfast snack. Bananasare very good for the human body because of all that energy that provide, theyare rich in dietary fiber, they enhance the functioning of the digestive system and are quite easily digestedthemselves. They are an excellent, healthy alternative for all those who cravesweets, but need to stay away from chocolate and similar types of treats.

Why do people avoid bananas on a diet?

People who do not want to ingest large amounts ofcarbohydrates tend to steer clear of bananas. Those are usually people who areon a low-carb diet. A smaller banana contains 17.3 grams of carbohydrates,while a bigger banana may contain up to 18.4 grams of carbohydrates.

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