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Nowadays, people usually think about the amount of calories before eating something sweet. It is because we are bombarded from all sides about a healthy life, stunning figure and proper diet. This text deals with the subject of the Baklava, a delicious delicacy that has been consumed for centuries. The roots of baklava are in the Ottoman and Byzantine Empire, but the exact origin isn’t determined yet. The Turks claim that it is Turkish, while the Greeks claim that it is Greek. Over the years and thanks to the migrations of population Baklava has become popular worldwide. The following lines describe this delicacy and its calorie content according to the basic recipe.

Baklava Nutrients

Before we analyze the amount of calories in baklava, we will first see what it is made of. Baklava is made of Phyllo dough, nuts and sweetening agents, and all these ingredients have carbohydrates, sugars and proteins. Baklava doesn’t contain so much fat, but it has large amounts of sugar. Carbohydrates and sugars are dominant in the baklava recipe. Because of these and other Baklava features, this delicacy is not so easily digested by our body. But, as we work hard and long, one regular office days is all that it takes to digest baklava.

Baklava Calories

So, we have reached the calorie issue. One standard piece of baklava that weights 0.9 oz has 100 calories. It has to be emphasized that the calorie number will depend on the amount of the used ingredients. If you are preparing baklava, you can reduce the number of calories by using some of the standard sugar substitutes. If you really take care about the number of calories that you take in, then you should consider some physical activity that can burn all the baklava sugar. An interesting thing is that baklava doesn’t contain any cholesterol. In most of baklava recipes there is 1% of sodium, 4% of carbohydrates, 1 gram of proteins and 10 milligrams of calcium of the whole intake. And, what about the fat? There is 4 grams of the total amount of fat that is eaten in one baklava piece.

All of the above baklava ingredients can be burned during 25-minute walk, 11 minute long jogging or 15 minutes of indoors exercise. You should realize that this article isn’t just about the baklava calories, but it is also about realizing that you should not miss this Eurasian delicacy. Still, you must know that there are ways to burn off these calories in order to maintain your health.

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