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Calories, Making One's Life Harder

You have surely heard about countlessdifferent stories of weight loss and calorie burning processes whichcan make you lose weight quickly and effectively. However, all thesemethods seemed to have little effect or you, or no effect at all. Allyou have tried so far has not managed to make you burn enoughcalories to actually lose weight and become fit.

This is because we all have differentorganisms and, therefore, different metabolisms. While there arepeople with inborn metabolisms which burn all of the calories they get from their daily meals, there are those who simply cannot cope with all of thecalories in their daily intake, resulting in gaining weight. Bothyour metabolism and the food you eat influence your body weight.Thus, you are to think these through, reorganize your life andexperience calorie burning even while you are sleeping tight, relaxedin the comfort of your bed. It is possible, read on to discover how.

Burning Calories While Sleeping

The first thing you need to do is build yourmuscles. You can do this trough weight lifting training. The moremuscle you build, the less fat you will have. Respectively, you are going to burn more calories, even when you are sleeping.

Next, you will want to be cold duringthe night. Well, not exactly freezing but still cold enough for yourbody to start its metabolic processes in order to keep your bodywarm. For this purpose, turn off the heater in your bedroom during thenight. This will speed up the blood stream in your body, making you use the energy and burn calories during your sleep. Another great thingfor increasing one's metabolism during the night is drinking a cup ofgreen tea before going to bed. Thus, make sure you do this as well,if you want to wake up lighter each morning.

Also, make sure you do not eat any foodrich in carbohydrates at least 6 hours before your bed time. Thiswill decrease your fat levels since these will be burnt for energy,using your calories up in the process.

Sleeping is excellent for calorieburning, so far we have understood that. However, you can benefitfrom sleeping more if you sleep more. Thus, staying in dream land formore than 7 hours each day will make your body burn more caloriesduring the day as well as during the night.

Finally, make sure you lie in bedrelaxed since this state of mind is best for the above mentionedpurposes. So, meditation, yoga or anything that relaxes you can bepracticed before sleeping.

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