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What is shoulder bursitis and how to recognize it?

Shoulder bursitis is a medical term for a condition that isprovoked by some injury or inflammation of bursa located around the shoulder joint. Bursa is actually a sac filled with fluid, which has the role to reduce rubbingbetween the tissues of the body. Even though it sounds hard to believe, sometimeseven lifting a bag of groceries, for example, may cause shoulder bursitis. However, this condition is usually recognized by pain, swellingand tenderness of the affected area, and pain is particularly accompanying signof motion. In order to set a diagnosis, the doctor may require X-ray scan, orMRI scan, because these two methods provide the most precise results. As forthe treatment, it depends on the cause and the fact whether or not it involves aninfection. Sometimes even pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications areenough, along with rest and some ice compresses, to cure the condition and getrid of the symptoms, but sometimes fluid needs to be removed, or the caserequires physical therapy.

What exercises are good for shoulder bursitis?

Physical therapy may play a very important role in thetreatment of shoulder bursitis, as well as some exercises, which are notcomplicated at all. They speed up the process of returning to everydayactivities, and their goal is strengthening the rotator cuff so that theshoulder could move more efficiently. The rotator cuff that is strong willheal much faster than a rotator cuff that is weak or inactive.

One of the best and most helpful exercises is certainly the one knownas range of motion of the shoulder. In order to do it properly, the personneeds to be in a standing position, with the back straight and shoulders pulledup while shrugging. The shoulders should be kept so until he or she counts to five, andthen both shoulder blades should be squeezed back together. This positionshould also be held until it is counted to five, after which both shoulder blades shouldbe pulled down, as when a person wants to reach a back pocket. When all this isdone, it is necessary for the person in question to release and relax. It isrecommended to repeat this five times at the beginning, but to graduallyincrease the number of repetitions to ten. It is also important not to do anyof the exercises with resistance.

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