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Shoulder Pain Explained

Shoulder bursitis or bursitis tendonitis, as it is also known,is a condition characterized by inflammation of the shoulder tissue. More precisely,soft tissue surrounding the joints of the shoulder becomes inflamed and this isthe reason behind shoulder pain.

In general, bursitis can affect different parts of the body,but only the movable parts. Wrists, ankles, elbows, knees and hips are very frequentlyaffected by this condition. However, shoulder joints are no exception and peopleoften report pain in the shoulders caused by bursitis. If you happen to experiencepain in the shoulders, it is probably for the best to consult your doctor. He orshe will be able to properly diagnose the problem and avoid any severe or long-termproblems that may arise because of shoulder bursitis.

Bursa sacs are located around the bones, muscles, joints andtendons and their role is to cushion them when the joints move in differentdirections. The fluid in bursa sacs also protects these body parts fromrubbing against one another. Inflammation of bursa sacs makes itimpossible too fulfill its role. There is nothing to protect or cushion the joints, so the personaffected by this condition experiences stiffness and pain moving and using thejoints in any way, even performing some simple tasks.

Who Can Suffer from Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder tendonitis is often characterized by the inflammation andfollowing swelling of the affected tissue. This happens because inflammationusually causes increased blood flow and as the consequence the tissue starts toswell.

This condition is found to be very painful and to seriouslyaffect all movements of the upper arms. Many people leading an active lifestylehave experienced tendonitis of the shoulder, especially those engaged in sportswhich use the upper part of the body. Tendonitis of the shoulder may affect peopleof very different ages and doctors often see both teenagers and elderly sufferingfrom the same problem, so their age and lifestyle don’t matter much when itcomes to shoulder pain.

Cause of shoulder tendonitis is usually a sudden injury,followed by inflammation, swelling and the painful sensations. Repetitive movementsthroughout the day are another possible explanation for this type of problemand many painters have had their share of shoulder problems. Staying in thesame position for a long period of time may also lead to shoulder bursitis, aswell as different medical problems such as arthritis, psoriatic arthritis orgout in some cases.

Motion exercises, stretching and frequent changes of the bodyposition are found to be the best prevention of shoulder pain.

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