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What is the best way to fire up your muscles quickly so that the result start showing in the shortest time possible? When it comes to bodybuilding, there are several options that can be used.

Weight training

Increasing muscle mass cannot be done without the use of additional weight, which means that all exercises must create some sort of resistance for muscles in order for muscles to grow, to increase the number of muscle cells and to increase the volume of muscle fibers. Another very important thing is to increase the additional weight after a while. This should be done each time a practitioner feels that some exercise is done easily and when the weight lifted does not present a problem anymore.

There are two opinions on how exercising for increasing muscle mass should be done. Some say that there should not be any pause between exercises and between sets in one exercise. This should keep the muscle under constant strain and tension, which should increase muscle mass additionally. Another theory says that some pause should be present because that will rest muscles a bit and prepare them for the next challenge.

Types of exercise

Some experts say that a good training session would include weight training routines with compound exercises. What is a compound exercise? It is a type of exercise that utilizes several muscle groups while weight lifting. The simplest example is barbell squat, which includes almost all major muscle groups in one motion. It seems logical that performing this type of exercise is much better than anything else, since more muscles are engaged and also, less time is needed when focusing on one muscle group only.


It is also important to use certain supplements in order to increase muscle mass effectively. There is a limit of muscle mass that our body can produce and from that point on, some help is needed. This means that muscle mass gainers must be used. But that is just one thing. There are also fat burners (although this should be taken only if needed), energy boosters (very important in order to increase the performance level, which directly affects the increase of muscle mass), muscle recovery products (important because muscles should be well prepared for each training session).

When it comes to supplements, people should be careful. Only top quality products must be used no matter what the price is, because most of those things change certain chemical processes in the organism. Also, it would be smart to visit a doctor before trying anything, or at least to talk to someone who has more experience in this field.

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