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Powerlifting can be very exerting when it comes to physical aspect, but it also creates an impressive muscular body. This type of workout is great for those people who simply like big muscles.


For increasing muscle mass, resistance training is needed. This means that muscles need to utilize strength in order to subdue the lifted weight. That effort is what induces muscle growth. Muscles are increasing their mass due, to the widening of the space between the muscle cells and, to the increase in number of muscle cells and fibers. When planning a workout with lifting weights, it is important to create a good and balanced workout plan, the one that will induce the best possible results. There are also several strategies that might be used. There are those who claim that exercising without the pause between the sets and the exercises is the best way to workout. When a training session is performed like this, there is always muscle contraction present and theoretically, that should be the best possible thing for those that desire a bulk up effect. But there is also another, logic strategy that requires some rest between the sets and different exercises. With pauses, muscles will rest a bit and be more prepared for the next challenge. Both of these strategies make sense to a certain point, so it is up to a practitioner to decide which one will be applied.

As for weights, usually barbell and dumbbells are used, since these tools are standard for all bodybuilders and their main characteristic is that more weight can be added whenever it is needed. Actually, the main information about powerlifting routines is that weight must be increased periodically because that is the only way of constantly increasing muscle mass.


Even though there might be no rest in a training session, muscles need some time to recover before the next session. Usually 24 hours are needed for the body to recover. Four sessions a week are needed for an effective workout. First day would include nothing but squats, second day would be for bench press only, third day also for press forms but this time with dumbbells, and the last day for deadlift. Of course, all of the mentioned exercises should be performed in several variations for reaching the best results. In order to get more muscle mass, supplements should be used. Those are muscle mass gainers but there are also energy boosters for longer training session, muscle recovery products, vitamin cocktails etc.

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