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Blemishes on face are marks and areas of skin discoloration which occur on the face. Apart from the face blemishes may affect any part of the skin. Blemishes on the face are most commonly not related to serious medical conditions and they are mainly aesthetic problem. Still once they occur it is essential to consult a doctor. Facial blemishes may spoil the appearance of the face and they most definitely lower one's self-esteem. They may be so intensive that a person refuses to socialize and prefers staying at home.

Causes of Blemishes on Face

The skin discoloration is mostly caused by certain skin disorders. Furthermore, blemishes are associated with acne. In some people they represent inherited trait. This particularly refers to port-wine stains. A variety of allergies may be responsible for skin changes on the face which feature with noticeable skin discoloration. Apart from the previously mentioned blemishes of the face may be associated with environmental factors such as pollution, wind and very hot or cold weather.

There is also a connection between hormonal changes and the occurrence of blemishes on face. Namely, if there is too much androgen they may induce blemishes by increasing production of sebum. The excess of sebum accumulates and clog the pores. This eventually leads to excessive growth of bacteria and inflammation. In women hormonal changes may be related to the occurrence of blemishes. This particularly affects pregnant women. Furthermore, facial blemishes are associated with menstruation.

The underlying cause of facial blemishes must be identified and treated. This way these skin changes will withdraw and a person will feel much better and be more satisfied with his/ her looks. In the meantime there are several home remedies which may be of some help when it comes to facial blemishes.

Facial Blemishes Home Remedies

Honey is considered highly effective in removal of facial blemishes. This refers to pure organic honey which is supposed to be dabbed of the blemish area, left for approximately 25 minute and then rinsed with running water. Honey is not suitable for people allergic to this product.

One more effective remedy for facial blemishes is carrot paste or juice. They may lighten the skin changes. Once applied the paste or juice is supposed to stay on the face for 15-20 minutes. After this the face is washed with milk.

Onion mask contains juice obtained from blended onion. The juice is mixed with a small amount of water. One tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of Fuller's earth are added to the mixture. After being applied the mask is kept for approximately 40 minutes.

And finally, a mixture of chamomile and lemon juice is an excellent remedy for facial blemishes. The mixture is applied directly and only to skin discolorations.

Prior trying any of the previously mentioned remedies it is important to consult a doctor and identify the exact cause of facial blemishes.

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