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Whiteheads are quite a common appearance on the surface of our face during our teenage years. However, regardless of that fact, these tiny growths tend to decrease our aesthetic appeal, leading to frustrations, low self-esteem and numerous other problems of this type. Thus, most people who are affected by both blackheads and whiteheads wish to get rid of these skin problems, finding the best possible solution for this purpose.

The Genesis of Whiteheads

Whiteheads are nothing more than a blockage in the pores on our skin. These blockages usually have black, hard tips and get formed once a hair follicle gets overwhelmed by sebum, being the oily cover of the surface of our skin. Once the follicles are obstructed, the layers of dead skin get trapped inside, leading to inflammations and creation of pus-filled whiteheads. The white color serves as a proof that air did not get in contact with the follicle. On the other hand, blackheads allow air to reach it. Yet, whiteheads are smaller than blackheads.

Either way, during our teenage years, our hormones are undergoing a period of imbalance, manifesting through excessive production of sebum. Hence the clogging and the whiteheads.

These small phenomena are usually not even visible before they start mutating into pimples, due to the rise of the infection. Once they become pimples, they can cause more serious skin problems and need to be treated adequately as soon as possible. Since our face is the most exposed part of our body, whiteheads are likely to appear there first. Shoulders, back and thighs are also the most common areas for finding whiteheads.

Remove Your Whiteheads

The first method you might opt for is removing whiteheads with steam. Before you do this, make sure you wash your face with a cleanser. Once you have done this, heat water in the pot, exposing your face to the steam for about 15 minutes. If you can bear longer exposure, feel free to indulge in it. Mixing sandalwood paste with water is known to increase the effect, making your skin clean and soft, allowing the excessive oil to leave the surface of your face.

Next, you may turn to mother nature, mixing vinegar with cornstarch, creating a paste and applying it over the problematic areas of your face. Once you leave the paste on for about 15 minutes, you may wash it off. Again, sandalwood paste and water mixture will work for these purposes too. Alternatively, you can make a fenugreek and water paste, applying it and leaving it on overnight. When you wake up the next morning, remove the paste with a damp warm piece of cloth. Note that fenugreek is great for removing pimples or blackheads as well.

Finally, mixing a tablespoon of honey with an egg white and applying it on the face, removing it with water after 30 minutes will rejuvenate your skin, make it glossy and free it from whiteheads.

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