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Elderly people

With aging, the metabolism slows down, while the body and the organs become weaker and begin to deteriorate. It is extremely important to pay attention to health in order to lead a healthy life. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle, as well as a good and healthy diet, are necessary.

Best supplements for seniors

For elderly people vitamins are most recommended to be consumed in great quantities. Lack of vitamin D leads to osteoporosis, which is why it is the necessary dietary supplement in old age. Sunlight greatly contributes to the increase in vitamin D in men. However, not all people exit in the sun, therefore, it’s necessary to consume it through the food. Mostly vitamin D comes from milk and it is very potent in the strengthening the musculoskeletal system of the man, thus preventing falls in seniors.

Equally important for the organism in addition to vitamin D is calcium. Deficiency of vitamin D and calcium affects the majority of elderly people, which is why there is a reduced bone mineralization and osteoporosis. Vitamins A, C and E are the best vitamin supplements for elderly population, mostly because these vitamins contribute to healthy skin and prevent blindness. Vitamin C best treats the wounds, but also contributes to a better absorption of iron. It is especially good for strengthening the immune system. The vitamin E is known as the best antioxidant of all the vitamins, because it helps in eliminating free radicals from the body.

With aging it the damage of the cells is more probable. The risk of getting cancer and heart disease is increased, as well as the risk of the occurrence of arthritis, cataracts and Parkinson’s disease. When the healthy skin becomes impaired, the elasticity declines and the man starts to get folds and wrinkles. Simply, the skin starts to get old. Vitamin supplements best preserve the skin, increase its elasticity and prevent its damage. It is also necessary in later years to include many diet supplements rich in fiber. Fibers are very important and can be found in fruits, vegetables and cereals. Older people should drink as much water as possible, because water removes toxins from our bodies. It is recommended to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Water also helps to avoid dehydration and prevent constipation. Nutrition in older people should be rich in grains and low-fat and low sugar. With the aging process, physical activity reduces, which is why people must also eat foods rich in vitamins and other nutrients.

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