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In order to preserve the health of bone tissue appropriate diet and regular physical activity is required. Many people have to deal with problems connected to osteomuscular system. Some of the causes include improper intake of all the vital nutrients essential for normal bone structure. These people have to pay special attention to what they consume as certain foods and supplements will provide with plenty of substances necessary for maintenance of the healthy bone tissue.

Osteoporosis is the most common disease that affects bones. It leads to changes in bone structure and bones become extremely fragile and prone to fracture. But this is not the only medical condition that affects bones. There are plenty more.

Nutrients for Stronger Bones

The adequate intake of all the necessary nutrients has to start in early childhood. This way not only will the bone tissue develop properly, but this will also prevent possible conditions in later life. CalciumCalcium is the most significant mineral for healthy bones. It is the main constituent of the bones. The bone tissue persistently breaks down and is rebuilt again. The process of rebuilding involves calcium. If there is not sufficient amount of calcium the bone tissue cannot rebuild properly.There are several calcium supplements. Calcium carbonate and calcium citrate are only two of them. The only difference between these two is the amount of calcium present. Calcium carbonate possesses more calcium than calcium citrate. Still calcium citrate is most commonly recommended in elderly patients as it is easily absorbed in gastrointestinal tract.

The best way to take calcium is together with meals. Special care needs to be taken while consuming foods rich in fibers since fibers can bind calcium and prevent its absorption from gastrointestinal tract.Magnesium, Potassium and Vitamins D and KCalcium can be efficient only in the presence of some other nutrients which include magnesium, potassium, vitamin D and vitamin K. Magnesium is extremely significant in absorption of calcium. This mineral is present in nuts, leguminose and whole grains and there are even supplements of magnesium that can be recommended by a doctor.BoronThis is another mineral that is necessary for healthy bones. It is also good in battle against arthritis. This mineral may be beneficial in absorption of calcium. There are prescribed doses of this mineral that need to be taken and they range according to the gender, age and medical condition.ManganeseManganese is important for both, bones and cartilage. It is used in osteoporosis and doctors can give it to patients in a form of supplements. Additionally, manganese is present in nuts and variety of seeds and green leafy vegetables.SiliconSilicon is in charge with maintenance of connective tissue. It is not directly connected to bone formation but can be of certain help in preservation of healthy bones. There are certain herbs that contain plenty of silicon and it is available in form of supplements.Methyl Sulfonyl MethaneThis chemical compound contains sufficient amount of sulfur necessary for bones.CopperCopper is another chemical element which is essential part of bone metabolism. It is present in many mineral supplements. The only problem is that the proper absorption of copper can be inhibited by vitamin C and zinc and this is why these compounds need to be taken separately.

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