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Normal hair contains approximately 10 percent moisture. Sometimes the moisture content can drop significantly and if that occurs the person needs to take certain measures in order to increase the moisture. Sometimes rubbing safflower oil can be a good idea but there are numerous other ways to treat this condition.


Hair supplements can be quite expensive and their popularity among people gradually grows with each new day. An average diet does not provide the person with all the precious nutrients so it is a good idea to use numerous types of hair supplements. Not all hair supplements will work with each and every person, despite the fact that most of them contain minerals and vitamins. Hair supplements should contain all the valuable ingredients in correct proportions in order to be fully effective.

Those who want long hair must have a very healthy lifestyle and they must follow a diet that is very well balanced. Hair growth can be compromised by numerous factors such as caffeine, alcohol, poor diet, nicotine, stress and many other health conditions. There are also hair supplements that can be helpful in growing a nice, long hair. A healthy lifestyle is a must and all unhealthy habits need to be reduced completely. A healthy hair also serves a purpose of indicating one’s overall well being and health.

Persons who lose hair usually suffer from low self esteem and a lack of self confidence. Hair supplements can also be used for the treatment of hair loss, but most therapies last for a few months before any noticeable results can be seen. Quality hair supplements take some time because the stimulation of the hair growth is a gradual process, and any supplements that claim good results within shorter periods of time should be avoided. Supplements should always be accompanied by protective styles and gentle shampoos because they are very efficient in reducing hair breakage. All hair supplements usually contain vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C and the vitamins from the B group.

All these vitamins are very important and efficient in strengthening the hair follicles, lubricating the hair roots, improving scalp circulations, boosting the blood flow in the follicles and promoting the overall quality of the hair. Grey hairs can be caused by poor diet, heredity, stress, hormonal balance, or a lack of proper scalp hygiene. Some hair supplements can help in getting rid of grey hair. The most commonly used one is pantothenic acid.

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