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Nails – a mirror to your lifestyle

Perhaps you knew, and perhaps you did not, but nails and the condition they are in actually do tell about a person, and especially about the habits and the diet of that person. This has to do with the condition of one’s nails more than people tend to admit it. But the evidence is there. If you do not provide enough nutrients for them, then you will probably end up with something that can easily turn into an eyesore. And the best way to keep them an eye joy, is by paying attention to your diet and by making it healthy and rich in nutrients.

As previously touched upon, the matter of nails relevance should be at the top of ones priorities in life. They have a twofold function – a shield for the person’s fingertips, mirroring also how healthy one’s diet actually is. Nutrition and diet are just some of the factors that influence to a great extent the condition of your nails, while the other common cause are the genes, and this is what numerous dermatologists unanimously agree upon.

Nail supplements – needed or superfluous

When having considered all of the above mentioned, there is actually little point in going after various supplements which “guarantee” to bring your nails back to their old glory and immaculateness. Numerous studies and researches have proven that taking those supplements does little or no good to the condition of one’s nails, for when it comes to providing your nails with healthy substances, there is no alternative to the healthy and nutrient-rich diet.

Proteins for healthy nails

Keratin is regarded as one of the extremely nail beneficial proteins. This protein is one of many which takes care that your nails are always in proper condition and healthy looking. Instead, there are numerous cases in which people have been taking supplements based on collagen instead. Although also a protein, collagen is effective just when it comes to keeping our bones and tissues healthy. However, when it comes to nails, it has no beneficial effect.

What almost every expert will confirm is that, one of the most proper and effective ways that will enable you to have healthy, strong and good looking nails is to include in your daily diet specific vitamins and minerals. This means that the best path that leads to healthy nails is the one that is paved with vitamins not in the form of tablets or capsules, but in the form of healthy vitamin rich food that abounds in vitamin A, B2 and vitamin C.

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