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Why Do People Suffer from Heart Diseases?

There is a variety of heart supplements and they may be used together with the appropriate diet and regular physical activity. Keeping risk factors under control and regular check-ups are important as well. It is much easier to protect this precious organ than to deal with numerous health conditions that can affect it.

Leading risk factors for heart disease include obesity, chronic exposure to stress, high levels of cholesterol, increased blood pressure and irregular, or total absence of physical activity.

People work too much and therefore do not have enough time to engage in any sort of physical activity. Furthermore, they tend not to eat healthy which is additional consequence of hectic life styles. Supplements can be effective in these cases as they will provide with sufficient amount of energy one cannot obtain from food. Energy levels can be easily enhanced by certain herbs, minerals and vitamins. Folic acid, B group of vitamins, vitamin C, and even green tea can be mighty energetic boosters.

Adequate diet is what counts most. Namely, all the necessary nutrients and daily requires for vitamins and minerals can be perfectly obtained from well balanced diet. If a diet does not supply with all the previously mentioned, energy levels will decrease drastically. Vitamin and mineral supplements will in this case be of additional help. The best way is to consult a doctor and to choose those supplements that correspond to a person's age group.

Stress is a risk factor present in everyday life. Many people have problem coping with it. Stress can be a major culprit for majority of heart conditions and other diseases. Chronic exposure to stress is caused by oppressive jobs, lack of money or difficulties in personal relationships. The person cannot change the current situation but he/ she may find a perfect solution how to deal with it and reduce level of stress. Gingko Biloba and Sam-E may be rather helpful in fight against depression and they have been used as additional remedies in patients suffering from heart disease. A combination of Gingko Biloba and ginger can successfully reduce anxiety due to chronic stress. Therefore the best possible supplements for healthy heart contain either Gingko Biloba or Sam-E.

Chronic exposure to stress can be also reduced by vitamin C. This powerful vitamin prevents possible damage of the cells including heart cells. It can be obtained from fresh fruit and vegetables but the proper amount is best achieved with supplements. Most heart supplements contain vitamin C.

Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Regulation

Many people are prescribed certain medications that keep cholesterol levels under control. However, these medications tend to have numerous side effects. This is why it is best to maintain healthy cholesterol levels naturally, with proper diet and decreased intake of fatty foods. The best possible heart supplements may also contain substances that will reduce the level of 'bad' cholesterol so there is no need for regular medication. These supplements include vitamin C, inositol, rutin or policosanol.

These medications can influence the production of coenzyme Q-10. It is not essential to add coenzyme Q-10 to heart supplements in case that a person eats balanced food and medications for reduction of cholesterol do not interfere in coenzyme Q-10 production.

And finally, blood pressure needs to be under control. Grape seed extract has been shown to keep the level of blood pressure under control.

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