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The hair normally grows approximately the six inches per year. There may be individual differences due to genetics. A variety of numerous factors can interfere in the hair growth. Some of them are dietary regimes, age, hereditary factors and seasonal changes. But for all people who are having problems with hair and those who wish their hair grow longer in short period of time there are certain supplements that can be used.

Supplements for Hair Growth

It is known that massage can drastically increase blood supply to specific region. This means that massage of the scalp can also increase the blood flow in this area resulting in better supply of hair follicles with blood which will consequently result in better quality of hair. Massage additionally moisturizes the hair with sebum and makes it shiny.ProteinsProteins are excellent for hair growth. Animal liver, brewer's yeast, wheat germ are all foods rich in proteins. Even two tablespoons of lecitin per day can drastically change the appearance of the hair. Eggs and dairy products are also rich in necessary protein. Vegetarians need to pay special attention as they do not eat meat and meat products so they have to find appropriate source of protein. Soy can be one of the protein sources for all people who do not consume meat, milk and all other animal products.Amino Acid Supplements for Hair GrowthTo function properly hair follicles require sufficient amount of amino acids. Essential amino acids are Arginine, Histidine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan and Valine. A perfect diet includes all the previously mentioned amino acids and if these are taken regularly the health of hair will visibly improve. Another amino acid called Cysteine is particularly good for hair as it gives it desirable strength.Vitamin Supplements for Hair GrowthBeta carotene is excellent for hair growth. Apart from this vitamin there are several minerals that are essential and have to be taken on daily bases. They include magnesium, sulfur and zinc. Even complex of B vitamins are necessary for proper hair growth. B6 vitamin is most important out of all B vitamins. Additionally, one must satisfy daily requires for vitamin C and E.Enzymes and HormonesSpecific hormones are in charge with hair growth. So improper amount of certain hormones or their excess can also affect the hair growth.It is known that beard in men is stimulated by testosterone and that estrogen in women prevents facial hair overgrowth. In menopause due to lack of estrogen women may face thinning of hair and partial hair loss.

This is why men and women who are facing certain problem with hair need to consult a doctor to establish whether there is imbalance of certain hormones and to find the perfect way to bring the hormones back to normal.

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