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Tears are very important for a clear vision. Thismay sound strange but tears are a vital part. In order to see, our eyesneed to be constantly moist. And this is when tears come into play. Theyperform this function constantly. We do not produce tears only when we cry.They are being produced constantly. A tear film is a layer of fluid, located onour eyes. This tear film has to be moist always, and excessive or insufficientfluid can cause problems.

Dry eyes occur when our eyes aren't having enoughfluid and the tear film will be compromised and make dry spots on an eye. Thereare several symptoms. Those are tearing, mucus stringy, eye fatigue, extremelight sensitivity, vision problems, troubles with wearing contact lenses, eyeirritation and burning emotion in the eye. Problems with tear film and dry eyecan also come from the tear composition. They are a mixture of oils, water,electrolytes and many other substances. If the composition is not properlybalanced, problems may occur. Oil is one of the basic parts of tears. It makestears smooth and prevent fast evaporation. But if the oil layer isn't normal,this evaporation is quicker and will lead to dry eye condition. Mucus isanother vital compound of tears. If it is compromised, the tear will not beable to spread over the entire eye. Water in the tear is used for removingforeign particles and cleaning the eye. If there isn't enough water, mucus andoil will make contact and this will produce problems like discharge. Somepeople aren't producing enough tears, so this is another possible cause for dryeyes. This usually affects older people and women, more than others. Somediseases can also help the creation of dry eyes, such as arthritis, lupus,diabetes and insufficient levels of vitamin A.

There is also the possibility ofproblems with eyelids. They occur if the eyelids cannot properly spread thetears by blinking. Conditions like blepharitis, out-turning and in-turning ofthe eye are probable culprits. For dry eyes condition, medications such assleeping pills, antidepressants, antihistamines, diuretics, birth controlpills, decongestants, morphine and drugs based on isotretionoin may be responsible. The treatment is diverse. For problems with eyelids,the doctor can give drops or even perform surgery. If you are having problemswith lack of tears, try using artificial tears. Patients, who cannot holdtears, can have tear ducks closed so they cannot drain the tears. This is doneby a silicone which can be removed at any time. As stated, there are manydifferent cases. It is important to receive a proper diagnose in order tocontinue with the treatment. Some doctors give Restasis, but in some cases itcan induce burning sensation. It will reduce the inflammation. Patient with aneye infection should not use this drug.

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