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Good eyesight is vital in life, and one can often take ones eyesight for granted. Aging can lead to problems with eyesight, as can staring at a computer screen for hours at a time. Some people doubt the efficiency of eye exercises when it comes to improving visual clarity. Others claim that by performing eye exercises, we can prolong our good eyesight. At the very least, eye exercises might be able to help one avoid or combat eye strain.


The first exercise requires you to look down at your nose. Sit in a comfortable chair and stare at the tip of the nose for about ten seconds. Try not to blink during this period and make sure to repeat the exercise five times.

This exercise involves a bit of imagination. Pretend you are looking at a clock. Focus on the middle of the clock. Think of a time - for example, ten o’clock - and imagine you are looking at the appropriate hour mark. Hold the gaze for about ten seconds. Try to imagine about ten different hour marks.

Next, look at your right shoulder with both of your eyes. While doing so, make sure to keep your head straight and facing straight ahead. Hold the stare for about ten seconds. Perform five reps on each side.

Opening-shutting method and eye massage

One can also try an opening-shutting method. Close the eyes tightly for about five seconds before opening wide and holding for about five seconds. Eye massage might also be beneficial. Close the eyes and gently massage them using circular motions. Do this for about one or two minutes.

Rolling the eyeballs

Find any small object and hold it at arm’s length. Move the object slowly closer to the eyes. Remain focused on the object before returning it again to an arm’s distance. Do about five or ten repetitions. Rolling the eyeballs is another good way to exercise. Roll the eyeballs in one direction about five times before switching direction.

Find a window, and sit about six inches away from it. Make a small mark on the glass. Focus on something in the distance for about fifteen seconds before returning the gaze to the mark. Do this about five times.

Take a break from a computer screen

If you need a break from a computer screen, you can try staring into the distance. Don’t try to focus on anything, but let the eyes gaze as far as they can go. Remember that eye exercises shouldn’t be performed for prolonged periods of time. Try not to do these exercises for more than about two minutes per session. If necessary, refer to doctor’s advice before performing these exercises.

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