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Introduction and description

Night blindness stands for a person'sinability to recognize eyesight image while exposed to a dimmed lightor complete darkness. This condition develops gradually so it isimportant to notice it as soon as it starts appearing in order toreact timely to it.

In most cases, parents can notice thiswith their children since, by mere observing or questioning it iseasy to tell if a child cannot see well at night or in situationswith decreased visibility. Therefore as soon as noticed the parentsshould seek medical attention since time is of the essence when itcomes to a condition like night blindness.

Main causes and possible treatment

In most cases, especially withchildren, vitamin A deficiency is the main reason for night blindnessand even permanent blindness as the worst case scenario.

Our eyes need vitamin A in order tofunction correctly. That being said, it is not hard to understand whya nutrition rich with this substance or additional supplementscontaining this vitamin are crucial. It is also extremely importantfor pregnant women to have suffice amounts of this vitamin in theirsystem to protect her child from any inborn visual disorders. Testscan be done even before pregnancy to make sure the mother is apt tohave a baby with good eyesight or that she needs to take thevitamins herself in order to ensure this.

Manifestations and types of nightblindness

Night blindness can be expressedthrough the inborn inability to see clearly in the dark. Also it maybe progressive and start in some point of life, gradually worsening.People who undergo obesity surgery are in danger of suffering fromthis condition since during this procedure their bodies are rid ofvitamin A, thus leaving the organism deprived of this importantelement.

Night blindness may manifest itselfthrough many other conditions such as cataracts old age liverdisorders, pancreas surgeries, malnutrition and many others. Certainmedications may be harmful for your eyes and may have night blindnessas a side-effect.

Other symptoms and possible treatments

Reactions to sudden light changes witha temporary blindness, blurred vision even during the day and dryeyes can also be symptoms of this condition.

As far as treatments are concerned,these have all been more or less mentioned in the previous lines ofthis article.

Regular intake of vitamin A and propernutrition are the best medicines and if you take care of those youwill most probably never have to even wear glasses, let alone sufferfrom night blindness.

Finally, in cases of cataracts or anyother similar conditions, surgical intervention is necessary sinceonly after the removal of the underlying causes may a patient startfurther treatment.

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