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The majority of the time when we talk about hair falling out we think of the male population. However it does happen to females too. They also can suffer with alopecia or lessening, fragile or dry hair. These issues usually happen because of either hormonal changes in the body or DNA patterns passed down the family tree or even suffering from stress and/or a bad diet. As well as those factors, medications can also make a contribution to loss of hair for example beta blockers, blood thinners, anti-cholesterol, and drugs and treatments for the treatment of cancer. On top of all that, your hair can fall out or become extremely thin from basically not caring for it, so by over styling, over coloring, chemicals and heating appliances. There is no reason to start crying about it yet, since a lot of women have sworn by herbs to re grow their hair back to its original state.

Facts About Your Hair

Your hair is produced from follicles in the scalp. The greater parts of these follicles are actually active apart from around fifteen percent of them which will be resting. What happens is after several months of a particular resting follicle they will discard their hair and then make a new one. This works out to around one hundred hairs a day, this is calculated on the average person who has around one hundred thousand hairs on their head. So if these follicles are damaged or the percentage at rest is larger than usual then you will start to see the thinning occur.Burdock Herb

Arctium lappa is more commonly known as burdock or bur oil. This has been used for many years to help with re-growing hair, it works by motivating the blood to circulate around the scalp. It should be used by massaging it into your head every night.Lavender Herb

Lavandula angustifolia is more commonly known as lavender. It is used worldwide to help with dandruff, and we all know that dandruff only occurs when there is not a good circulation in the scalp region. What you should do is put six or seven sprigs of lavender in a glass pot/jar and then pour over extra virgin olive oil and leave for one week. Then warm it up, just a little bit, and massage it into your scalp. You can go to bed with it on and wash the next morning or just leave it for a few hours.

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