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OverviewThe hair follicles are actually the small anatomical cavities or pockets in which the root of the hair is enclosed. Having in mind that simple wearing of the pony tail too much can obstruct the follicles and that there are a lot of other underlying conditions that can cause it, it can be concluded that the hair follicles are easily and commonly damaged. This problem should be solved, of course, if it is possible, since it is one of the very first indicators of the permanent hair loss, which also medically called alopecia.

However, it is very important to know how this damage occurs, in order to prevent it and recover from it successfully, that is, by treating the exact cause and not only the consequence. So, among the most usual provokers of this problem are the following: the synthetic and potent chemical substances such as the hair dyes and the other aggressive cosmetic hair care products, certain artificial drugs taken orally, the depletion of some of the basic nutrients in the organism, the poor hygiene of the hair and the scalp, and the excessive sunbathing.

Nevertheless, there are the cases when the quality of the follicle is just disrupted and it could be treated with the natural homemade remedies while in the more severe cases of excessively damaged follicle, it is literally dead and no change could be made there.

What to do in the case of the damaged follicle?

Anyway, the key to the successful repair of the follicle is to treat it with the beneficial remedies which are focused on going deeply through the epidermis and through all the membranes of the hair. When it comes to the folk remedies, the most effective are the ones based on the mayo and eggs, which should be used as the hair mask, and that means that they should be rinsed off after one hour.

Similar effect have the essential oils extracted from almond, coconut, tea tree (provides enough moisture and kills bacteria and fungi) and olive, since they successfully nourish the follicle with the beneficial substances. However, the oils are intended to be put over the scalp for the night time, and then removed. And, for the best results, the oil should be warmed up previously.

Having mentioned the nourishment, it should be added that the healthy eating regime should be followed as well. That is, more fresh veggies and fruits are to be included into the everyday routine. Not to mention that around 2l of water should be drunk on a daily basis. Too much sun is also harmful for the quality of the follicles and the hair. So, the key to the problem is to treat the scalp and the hair with the natural and organic substances.

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