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Although the loss of hair is a natural process, this fact is very difficult to be accepted, since the beauty standards of the modern age are pretty harsh. At this point, it is important to emphasize that there is no room for panic unless more than about one hundred hairs are lost on a daily basis. Also, some people are more prone to this condition, such as the elderly males, those who have the genetic predisposition to it, and those who have some underlying health problems.

So, because of that, first of all, if someone suffers from some disease, the prescribed drugs must be used. If that is not the case, the immune system focuses on attacking the disease, and actually ‘’neglects’’ the hair follicles (roots).Why the prevention is so important?

The loss of hair is almost impossible to be stopped, since it is the part of the natural process of the shutdown of the organism, if we understand it as an engine. Of course, if the scalp is not provided with enough blood and there is rather poor circulation in this area, the process of the hair loss will be sped up. And, in most of the cases, this condition is the reflection of the overall health of the organism. Because of that it is essentially important to know the exact cause of it, in order to choose the best treatment.

So, the basic part of the treatment and prevention is to supply the organism with enough beneficial nutrients, but to be careful not to pass the recommended dose. For instance, some researchers have shown that the excessive intake of the E and A vitamins, although they are believed to be the most beneficial for the skin and hair, has the harmful effect on the hair. The healthy eating habits must be introduced into the lifestyle at the first notions of the hair and skin’s deficiency of the necessary nutrients. Some of those are shown on the nails and irritated follicles of hair.

Also, an individual who suffers from this problem mustn’t use the pharmaceutical products on his or her own, because it can cause some more serious consequences and contraindications. When it comes to dying the hair, it should be avoided, but if someone dyes the hair anyway, it should be done at every two months.

Besides using the non-harmful products, one must also pay attention to the other activities, such as wearing a pony tail or pulling the hair in any other way, since it improves the loss of hair, making the follicles weaker. Also, sleeping on the pillow made of silk is a very good advice because this material causes the hair to slip over it.

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