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Hair loss in men is largely genetic

There is a vast number of middle aged Americans who suffer from hair loss. Men are more affected by this particular problem than women. Hair loss usually happens in the late teen years and before men turn 50. The medical term for male-pattern baldness is androgenetic alopecia. Many people who are about to suffer from it can do nothing about it but there are some who might prevent that from happening. There are remedies a person can use.


Baldness is a disorder that affects 40 million men and 20 million women in America. In most cases the baldness occurs because it is hereditary but some people suffer from it because of the use of cocaine or some other street drug. Another thing that can cause baldness is if a person wears his or her hair pulled so tightly that it creates tension on the scalp. When a person becomes bald because of that it is called traction alopecia. Genetic background plays a huge role on whether a person will become bald or not. Baldness also differs from population to population. Men who start losing hair in the early stages of their lives will develop more extensive baldness. On the other hand, baldness can be linked to intellect or wisdom. People do go bald as they age and become more experienced. Nowadays, baldness has even become a fashion statement, especially among the men in the western countries. Causes
There are many causes for hair loss, some of which are not true yet people tend to believe them. Lots of people believe that baldness is caused by one's virility or intelligence or ethnicity or job, social class and even wealth. Allergies can cause baldness and so can a side effect caused by some drug. If a person lacks some nutrients that may be the cause as well. Hormonal changes for instance are considered to be a natural cause of baldness. In other cases there may be a need for a biopsy. Treatments
There are possible prescription and other medical treatments for people who wish to regrow their hair and stop the hair loss. There is no cure but there are some treatments that help. Natural hair restoration is better because there are no side effects. Before using any of the treatments a person should seek advice from a physician. Conclusion
Hair loss is a common problems that comes with age and lots of men suffer from it. Hair loss becomes permanent once the root is damaged.

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