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This type of training involves the exercises which require a lot of explosive movements, and thus, the great expenditure of energy for a short time. And as the name itself already says, the sessions of exercises are combined with the periods of the somewhat milder workout, and those two intervals are repeated one after another during one session of training. Those intervals should last around one minute.

Some examples of the interval trainings can be: the trapezius workout, the exercises for the abdominal muscles, aerobic exercises, the squats combined with jumps, and so on. The consequence is that all the exercises are easier to be done after some time because of the interval training is introduced into the training plan, and because the competitive spirit, as another consequence of it, is awaken.

Health benefits on cardiovascular system

Being a high-intensity workout means also that the heart must pump more blood during such a training. This makes one interval training an excellent cardiovascular workout, which gradually lowers the pulse, improves the better circulation, and increases the usage of the oxygen, thus preventing a number of coronary diseases.

So, the cardiac training provides the benefit of preventing the hypertension and the related problems. Related to that, the pulse becomes slower, since during these kinds of workouts, the heart starts to pump more blood at every beat.

Besides that, this kind of workout, if done on a regular basis, maintains the normal amount of the cholesterol in the blood flow, and that way successfully lowers the risk of getting arthritis and of being affected by the heart and by the blood vessels problems, in general.

Beneficial effect on the immunity

The immune system also becomes more powerful because it is literally provoked to react the best way. A lot of studies and the simple examinations the doctors’ experience, concerning this matter, have come up with the evidence that the sportsmen, who practice this way, are less likely to be affected by the seasonal diseases, such as flu, for example.

The general benefit of the interval trainings

The more general benefits of this kind of workouts are: the increased ability to withstand hardships of the body and mind, the challenging attitude towards life (caused of felling more powerful than ever because of actually knowing that the heart is stronger), increased self esteem, etc. The most important, however, is the general well being, which undoubtedly leads to having a healthy lifestyle. To conclude, the interval trainings make an individual to feel better in both, the psychological (since the hormone called endorphin is secreted a lot) and the physical sense.

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