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Studies of sunlight

Studies of health benefits of sunlight are conducted for years. Although there are the studies of side effects of too much sunshine too, importance of sunlight for our health is undisputable. Sunlight, besides playing significant role in nourishing and helping our body to get the full nutritional value, it also helps our body to maintain temperature and humidity, to energize and to nourish.

It has been proven the enough sunlight helps in prevention of various disorders and diseases such as type 2 diabetes, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), mental depression, osteoporosis, and cancer affecting colon, cervix, breasts, bladder, ovaries, stomach and prostate. So as you can see, sunlight is a really health boost to wellbeing of our entire body.

Health benefits of sunlight

One of mostly known health benefit of sunlight is that it supplies body with vitamin D, which is essential body supplement. Vitamin D not only promotes absorption of calcium in the body, but transferees it through entire body, all the way to the cell membranes, strengthening the bones, and increasing the production of the endorphin to the brain by nervous system. Vitamin D also helps to keep level of cholesterol in the blood on the appropriate level. Lack of vitamin D in the body may be responsible for MS, RA, thyroiditis and Crohn’s disease.

Some of the other health benefits of sunlight may be improved digestion, strengthening of cardiovascular system, help in cases of weight loss, normalizing blood pressure and sugar blood level, enhanced liver functions, increased metabolism, and help in kidney functions.

Also sunlight helps in improving your mental state, makes you happy and cheerful, and preventing depression and anxiety.

Your heart may benefit from sunlight, too. Studies show that sunshine lowers heart pulse and lowers blood pressure. Sunlight helps the skin also, by preventing skin disorders like acne, psoriasis and eczema.

Prevention of infections like molds, viruses or bacteria can be achieved by getting enough sunlight, and also immune system benefit for it by creating more white blood cells.

As we said before, too much sunlight can be potentially dangerous, especially these days. Prolonged exposure to sunlight may lead to skin cancer, skin discoloration, spots on the face, tenderness and itchiness of the skin, melanomas and eye injuries.

So trick is to use just enough sunlight to benefit from it, and not too much that can have unwanted side effects. Taking usual precautions like adequate close and sun blockers should be sufficient.

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