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Although the best training for the bicycle races is to simply spend all the training sessions riding the bike, it should with conscience be focused and based on invigorating the certain groups of muscles. So, there are a lot of advices, concerning picking up the best balanced training program, but all of them firstly recommend a lot of riding. The effect is even better if one imagines and does the similar routine as the planned race. After that, special techniques of stimulating the most important muscles must be introduced into the training sessions.The plan of training

The point is, as this warming-up part of the training program is concerned, that its intensity must be increased gradually. That is, one should start with the speed that causes deep breaths and increased pulse, but not to reach the point of losing the breath. Also, the time spend on a bicycle should be gradually prolonged. The good advice also may be not to train alone, if possible, because that way the competitive spirit is awaken, but, again, the training mustn’t be the race, only a mild improving of the speed of the riders.

The next step in the training program is the exercises for the muscles that play the important role in the process of riding. Those exercises are best to be done in the sessions of certain numbers of repetitions, combined with the time to rest. The most common specialized techniques of this kind are focused on improving the power and explosiveness (for example, by riding a bicycle up to some inclination), velocity (the short tracks are the most appropriate for this kind of training), the sprinting training (for example, riding along a bike or a car), or really trying to pass all the distance for the determined period of time.

Besides those, there is the so-called special interval training, which is very effective, but also, very exhausting. It must be done in a group of racers and the point is that the last one in the group must pass all the riders and dictate the tempo. Of course, the riders must switch after the same periods of time. One could try this on his or her own, but, in that case, any marks of the sides of the road must be used as the references for the mentioned alternations.

Of course, these are the trainings that don’t involve the resting periods.

Additionally, it is important to mention that the good advice is also keeping the diary for the trainings, in order to get the maximum out of the carefully made plan.

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