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What is circuit training

We will talk about circuit training and its benefits. One of the gyms that are focused on such training is Curves. There are many locations for Curve gyms in America and they provide a very simple workout. There are no hunks, juice bars or spandex. But there are some machines for the circuit training and music. This is one of the gyms that will help you with you circuit training, but this training can also be done at your home and you will see how.

Circuit Training

First we will explain what circuit training is. This type of training involves resistance exercises in short bursts with a use of frequent repetitions and moderate weights. These exercises are then followed by another set of bursting exercises, which target a different group of muscles. These exercises will not require rest since the muscle group targeted is changing. The heart rate will increase and if it gets too high, you can add aerobic exercises between the resistance exercises to a resting point. There are approximately 15 machines that can be used for circuit training. You can change the machines, without any rest in between the exercises. You can jog a pad for 30 seconds and then go to the jog machine and exercise for 30 seconds also. Next machine you can go on in on your choice, then jog again and this will complete the circuit training. There are 15 machines and you will spend 30 seconds on each. Circuit training will end when you exercise on all machines twice, for which you will need 15 minutes. The heart rate considered maximum during the circuit training goes from 40% to 60%.

How Does It Work?

These exercises will help you get a tone and firm muscles, but it will also help you reduce the body mass. The Cooper Clinic conducted a study in the 1982 on the circuit training effect on the human body. The study was associated with a workout preformed three times during a week. There were three groups with a total of 77 participants. While one group jogged between the weight workouts, another group worked only with weights and the third group didn't even exercise. The cardiovascular fitness of the group that didn't work out was unchanged, while the 12% improvement was seen in the second group, which worked out with weights only. The third group showed a 17% improvement of the cardiovascular fitness. By doing circuit training, you will burn more calories and build muscles, which will protect against many possible problems, such as osteoporosis.

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