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Elliptical exercise machines, also known as elliptical trainers or cross-trainers, are stationary exercise machines that basically simulate different physical exercises such as climbing the stairs, walking or running. Elliptical exercise machines are commonly found in fitness clubs where people use them for aerobic exercise and warm-up before continuing with the rest of the workout. Elliptical exercise machines have recently become available as home fitness equipment, offered at more affordable price.
Benefits of elliptical exercise machines
Elliptical exercise machine offers highly efficient low-impact cardiovascular workout suitable for every age group. Elliptical exercise machines are typically more efficient than other pieces of home fitness equipment, since they do not put a lot of stress on the knees, hips and back. Moreover, elliptical trainers often have the upper body handles and poles, which help to stimulate the skiing activity, and exercise the legs, hands and torso at the same time. One of the strong benefits of elliptical exercise machines is the ability to pedal in reverse and therefore, work different muscles.
Elliptical machine also provides fantastic cardiovascular workout, which is beneficial for the body, increases the endurance and stamina, and helps to burn more fat. The goal of cardio training is to increase the heart rate and to keep it elevated during the exercise. The final effect is speeding up the rate of metabolism, supplying the cells with blood, oxygen and nutrients, and burning the calories from stored fat.
Another great benefit of elliptical machine training is that it does not require much time. Even ten to twenty minutes daily are enough to experience the effects of workout. One can also incorporate the training in other daily activities such as watching the favorite TV show or reading the newspapers. Moreover, the intensity of training is very easy to adjust, which makes it easy to progress gradually over time.
Choosing the right elliptical machine
Buying the elliptical exercise machine for home is very popular but before making the final decision one should find out what is important to know about buying an elliptical trainer. The most important thing is to consider who is going to work on the machine. Some of the machines are built to sustain more weight, and even people heavier than 110kg can work on them. These machines typically cost a bit more but the investment will pay off if the whole family is going to use the machine. It is also recommended to pick a machine that is quieter in motion and where the pedals move smoothly and quietly. Some of the machines are equipped with a digital monitor that provides different information about the workout: the average heart rate, distance, calorie count, etc. It is always good to visit a couple of different retailers, specialized in fitness, and try out different models.

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