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Everyone now knows that there are only positive things coming from increased physical activity. No matter what is done, benefits are there, for both the body and mind. A body will become well shaped and strong, while mind will thrive in self-confidence. So, what are the basic things that should be known about exercising?

Training session

One of the elements of exercising which is developed through training is endurance. Endurance is capability of the body to perform certain exercise over some period of time. This is not easy for the beginner; actually, the level of advancement of the practitioner may be measured by the level of endurance (for how much time a practitioner can perform certain exercise). Obviously, after a couple of weeks, this level will drastically change, comparing to the starting one. What are the endurance training benefits?

It can be said that each system in the body feels positive effects of the endurance training. First and foremost, the cardiovascular system benefits a lot as the endurance of the organism increases. Heart muscle strengthens and fat tissue reduces throughout the entire body, including the accumulated amounts in the blood vessels, which can also cause a lot of harm. Stronger heart will pump the blood easier and better, meaning that the distribution of oxygen will remain the same even when exercising is intensive. This means that another system is functioning better thanks to endurance, and that is the respiratory system. The amount of gases that can be put in the lungs (oxygen) increases and this also goes for the elimination of carbon dioxide. Improved respiratory process places more oxygen into the cells, which makes exercising easier. It does not have to be said that muscles are developing drastically from exercising, but not only muscles, all the elements involved are becoming enhanced (ligaments, tendons, bones). So, it can be concluded that the entire skeletal – muscle system is probably benefiting the most from constant and proper endurance exercising.


So, what are those exercises that increase the endurance? It can be said that performing one exercise, whatever it is, for a long period, will make performing this same exercise much easier next time it is done. Let's say that forms like jogging, aerobics, something with continuous motions should increase the endurance of the body. Even though resistance training is also building muscles and strength, since it is usually based on explosive movements (for weight lifting for example), endurance is not in the focus.

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