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Beginner Swim Workout

This article is aimed at the folks who still struggle swimming – even in pools. It is aimed at those who are so frustrated with their lack of talent when it comes to swimming that they'd often choose rather not to. It also aims to give a few quick guidelines to the ones who spend more time standing at either ends of the lane, than actually swimming, for their poor physical stamina.

The Workouts, Explained

The workouts are designed with the beginner in mind. Their length may vary from 400 to 1200 meters, which consequentially build up the swimmer's ability to cope with 2000+ meter tracks. It's also important to note that they are designed for the solo swimmer, rather than one accompanied by a coach, and their measures are, as such, flexible according to each beginners capabilities. With that said, we may now move on to the benefits.

Endurance benefits from speed workouts?

It is presumed that the average, coach-free, regular swimmer goes swimming about three times a week, and is mostly aiming to work on his

mechanics, and


For the particular type, it is not exactly recommended to begin speed workout directly, furthermore hardly on a regular basis. To be precise, the best set of workouts for the thrice-a-week swimmer would be more like:

two form workouts, and

an endurance workout

with an occasional speed workout taking place once every two, or even three weeks.

That is to say, the only way one could implement a speed workout on a weekly basis is adding an additional, fourth one – if he or she feels up to the challenge.

How often should one swim?

It is always a better idea to stick to one's thrice or four times per week, than attempt to squeeze the workouts into longer and fewer sessions. If the latter may be the case, the swimmer is in danger of experiencing fatigue among other disadvantaging circumstances, all of which will in turn damage one's technique rather than enhance it. So yeah, sticking to the three times per week is perfectly fine if one does not have the time for the fourth.

The Details:

The workout should regularly follow this sequence:

warming up – this phase should last for about 50 meters, breast stroke and backstrokes are to be emphasized. This step is critical as it prevents injuries.

the actual workout should be performed on a longer lane, say 400-450 meters; it is recommended that it be divided into a sequence of 50, 75, 100, 100, 75, 50 meters.

The next in line is the endurance workout. One is to:

swim a 50 meter lap, and rest for 5 seconds

then a 75 meter lap with an 8 second break

a 100 meter lap with a 15 second break, and finally

reverse the sequence until the 50 meter lap has been met.

Alternatively, the previous step may be performed with a constant 50 or even 75 meter lap length.

Lastly one is to divide a 450 meter lap into three, 150 meter sequences, and always make sure the resting time between them is adequate.

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