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We have created this article tohelp those who want to try to enter the world of triathlon. This is one of akind sport. During this race, athlete will have to swim, ride bicycle and run,so it is very important to work on all the skills and attributes needed forthose sports. Triathlon is one of the most demanding sports, so it can be verydifficult for the beginners.


Next, we will talk about theexercises that you can do in order to prepare for the triathlon. We suggest youfind a friend to exercise with. As we have said, there are three stages, and wewill focus on every each of them separately, in order to prepare you for thetriathlon race. We will start with the running exercises. We always suggestthat you try to do exactly what you will do at the race, so try to simulate theconditions and mimic the race and experience. For this exercising part of theplan, we suggest a workout called brick. These workouts consist of the back-to-backbike runs, which will help you move on from cycling to running and also improveendurance.

Next, we will focus on the exercising for the swimming part. Bydoing some of the exercises, you will gain more speed and improve yourtechnique. For this, for most people frightening part of the triathlon,exercises should be done in open water, in order to simulate the raceconditions. We suggest you make best of the time between the strokes and alwaysduck under the waves. Improved technique will help you not to get tiredquickly. When you have good technique, you will need less time to pass twicethe longer route.

At the end, we come to the cyclingpart. During this part of the race, which takes up the most of the length, youshould save energy for the most difficult part, which is running. During thecycling, try to drink and eat. Always eat the same on the day of the race andseveral days before. Also perform spinning classes, because all this will helpyou with your performance and ability on the bike. Before the race, you willdefinitely need to know how to change tire on the bike. Very difficult elementsof the triathlon are the two transitions. You will need to prepare for this, sopractice them regularly. You can also try to reduce the time needed for thechange by wearing a belt underneath for the food saving. Remember that when youwork out, you need to simulate the conditions of the race. This may besometimes difficult, so be prepared physically and mentally.

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