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When you are performing a workout regime there are often many different exercise you will cover in one single workout. This is because you want to build and strengthen a variety of body parts. One particular exercise is called Chin Ups, this has been designed to strengthen the upper body muscles. This scrupulous exercise is a very successful for increasing the staying power ability of your back, shoulders and arms. The majority of beginners will find that chin ups are rather difficult to perform because they need a great amount of strength and stamina. The point of doing this type of exercise is to actually build up the latissimus dorsi, which is the broadest muscle on your back. To do this exercise you will need a chin up bar as well as a fitness trainer if you are a beginner. Chin Ups Workout Exercise Schedule

Where the chin up bar is placed is very significant. When you first start to do chin ups you need to be careful of injury and will need to take it slow to start with. If you are involved in a sport that requires enormous endurance then this is the sport for you. After doing a program involving chin ups you will notice you can have a better grip over objects and pulling up yourself becomes easier. Warm Up Exercises to do before Chin Ups

It is important that you warm up correctly prior to doing chin ups to prevent injury. You can simply do some light stretching and perhaps some slow jumps over the chin up bar itself. This warm up session needs to last for about 15 minutes to ensure your muscles are prepared.

Chin Up Bar Training

If you are a beginner you may need to think about using the aid of a chair whilst doing the chin ups because this exercise is not for the light hearted. By doing the chin ups you will be improving your triceps strength. A particular exercise for the chin ups is called the straight move chin up. You need to grasp the chin up bar tightly with both hands whilst keeping the fingers facing forward. You will need to make sure your body is hanging down in a straight forward position. You cannot allow your body to swing either. You need to pull yourself up in a slow movement to the point where your chin is above the bar after which you can lower the body back down in a slow movement.

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