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Mango is a type of delicious tropical fruits. There arefew people who do not enjoy eating this fruit. There are many varieties of mango and they are usedfor making different types of foods or beverages. For example, green mango isusually used for pickles, while there are also other types that are used formaking juices. Furthermore, the king of mangos, which is called the Alphonso, isusually eaten raw.

Historic facts about mango

The original name for this fruit is Magniferaindica. When translated, it means “mango bearing plant from India”. This fruitis very old and dates back to even 4000 BC. In those times, this fruit wasstill wild and could have been found in the mountains of Himalayas in India and Burma.It was cultivated into the exotic and richly flavored fruit near the beginning of2000 BC. Afterwards, it has been spread to other countries.

Mango nutritional facts

This fruit is rich in fiber and therefore very beneficialfor the people who suffer from constipation and heart problems. The people whotry to gain weight should consume this fruit. It also contains pectin and vitamin C and thus itmakes the immune system stronger. Furthermore, vitamin C and pectin are alsogood for decreasing the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Mango contains an enzyme, which is very effective for smoothening of the stomach. It is also high in vitamins, minerals andanti-oxidants and does not contain cholesterol and saturated fats. Moreover, copper and potassium, as well as magnesium,manganese, selenium, calcium, iron and phosphorus can be found in this fruit. In 100g of this fruit, there is 75 calories.

Mango nutrition facts

Mango, except for being delicious, has many healthbenefits. The people who have problems to gain weightshould consume this fruit. Gallic acid is an ingredient of this fruit andserves as the best natural disinfectant because it binds to the bowels and clearsthem. When we are tired, it is recommended to eat mangosince it is high in vitamins and it can boost our energy and stamina. Furthermore, it is very effective in lowering thebody heat and in reducing the body odors.

In order to make the skin look healthy, mangoshould be drunk every day together with milk and honey. People who suffer from anemia, as well aspregnant woman, should consume this fruit. Since this fruit is high in beta-carotene, vitamin Eand selenium, as well as in phenol, it should be consumed as a prevention ofcancer and heart diseases.

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