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When people speak of health and ways of keeping it steady and constant, it is usual that they do not pay attention on details, but focus on irrelevant things. In the “five a day” rule, people should eat vegetables and fruits five times a day. Does a big portion counts like two and potatoes being vegetable could they be counted towards five a day rule. The answer to all these is of course not.

What is Manuka honey?

When analysis of people who bought and used Manuka honey is made the results were that 58 % of them consider Manuka honey better then regular honey, but they did not know the reason. Also 70 % of them did not have slightest idea what the UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) value, which is written on the package.

Manuka honey is high-priced because it is naturally bee made honey but these bees are from East Cape region of New Zealand and they pollinate exclusively Manuka trees which can be found only in that region.

Manuka's benefits on human health

Manuka honey is considered as “superfood”, which gives us many benefits. Hay fever is most likely reduced by Manuka honey because it contains local pollen. Many of honeys include natural active agent, which can easily be ruined by light and heat. Manuka honey includes additional natural active agent which makes it different from other honeys.

This active agent is steady and it cannot be destroyed by heat, light or dilution. Special characteristic of Manuka honey is named UMF and if the number of UMF is bigger, Manuka honey is more effective. Antiviral and antibacterial effect is very good reason for using it. On the first symptom of cold or fly or throat ache you can start using it.

Most common use of Manuka honey is to eat it with the toast or in the tea, but it is very interesting that right usage of Manuka honey is to treat wounds. In New Zealand, they have long tradition in using Manuka honey in this way and they are researching this characteristic of it. National Health Society now days are making the same research.

High amount of sugar in Manuka honey, as the specialists say, makes surroundings without water in where the bacteria contaminate the injury cannot survive. Antibacterial effect is also there because of an acidic enzyme called glucose oxidase. Nowadays products for skin often include Manuka honey.

Only the time will tell if products like this will be better than products without Manuka honey .

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