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Many people believe that puffy eyes, as well as those notorious dark circles under your eyes are all a product of your lack of sleep. Even though this may be the case, it is not necessarily so, since many additional causes may lead to these problems. One of alternative reasons behind these phenomena is genetics. Still, these are quite unsightly and may reduce your beauty, making you look tired and worn out.

Reasons behind Baggy Eyes

As mentioned above, lack of sleep may be the cause of baggy eyes and their puffiness. Still, this seems to be the rarest of cases and, if it does happen, regular sleep may be the best remedy. Additionally, since genetics influence the appearance of this condition quite a lot, if you have had this problem in your family, you might experience it yourself.

In some cases, plain tiredness may result in baggy eyes. Therefore, people who work at computer terminals, do excessive paperwork, watch TV for a long time or get involved in tedious fine handwork, all may end up with baggy eyes.

Aging may inevitably lead to these unwanted additions to our under-eye areas. As we grow old, our skin loses its elasticity and fat starts depositing in the weirdest of places, leading to the appearance of under-eye dark circles and puffy or baggy eyes as well.

Sometimes, people who suffer from thyroid problems or a condition called goiter, tend to have baggy eyes as well.

If you have baggy eyes, perhaps your nutrition is the reason behind this. Namely, our skin needs vitamin C in order to synthesize collagen, which lends support and stability to your it. So, if you are not providing your body with enough of vitamin C, bags may appear under your eyes.

More Reasons behind Baggy Eyes

People who have problems with fluid retention may suffer from baggy eyes too. In this case, taking diuretic pills might be helpful. Unfortunately, these pills usually trigger side effects and, thus, you are best to opt for vitamin C, which is a natural diuretic.

Providing your body with excessive salt, either directly or indirectly, triggers baggy eyes. So, try cutting down salt from your diet and baggy eyes might disappear.

Finally, smoking or being exposed to secondary smoke, various allergies, certain cosmetic products, the way you sleep and many other factors can be behind your puffy and baggy eyes. Thus, find the underlying reasons behind your condition and deal with them properly.

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