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We are all sensitive to our appearance admitting it or not and the eye bags are not the most flattering way to show ourselves.

The first question is – are you sleeping enough at night? Morerest, more sleep and less stress could prevent eyebags. Stress and tirednessaffects your skin and muscles around the eyes and leads to dark circles andpuffy baggy eyes.

Your lifestyle, smoking,over use of alcohol and environmental pollution, they are all shown on yourskin. If someone in your immediate family had the condition, it is likely youhave it written in your genes. Control what you can, change the bad habits androutines that make your skin look unhealthy. The genes can’t be overcome but keepingyour body healthy can help with the condition.

There are some things that might be helpful. Avoid salty food and taking too much fluid before bedtime. Make sureyou sleep with your head slightly elevated, because sometimes eyebags may bethe result of fluid retention.

Wash your face with cool water and mild soap after wakingup massage the face avoiding your eyes and rinse with the soap. Carefully dab theexcess water with the clean towel.

Sometimes cold water can relieve the eyes. Put some spoons in thefreezer and after couple of minutes use their backside on the eyebags. Or, youcould alternatively use a towel, soak it in ice cold water and place it overthe eyes. The process should be repeated twice or three times, and coolness isbelieved to help in some cases.

Cosmetic preparations can be helpful. Dermatologists arerecommending vitamin E as the most natural and the least irritating solutionto treat eyebags. If the eyebags are present because of your age, anti-age(anti-wrinkle) lotions or creams are not recommended.

Concealers in your skin tone do not provide a solution tothe problem, but can provide quick fix. To prevent irritation be sure that any oil basedproducts are removed from the eye area. In general many oil and other cosmeticingredients could affect puffiness and bagginess of your eyes, so you areadvised to buy hypoallergenic products.

A slice of a tomato or cucumber might help. Relaxand leave a slice on each eye for 30 minutes and it could improve dark circlesaround your eyes.

Make some chamomile, dill or rosemary tea. Dip the cottonpuffs and put those over your eyes – they are said to relieve the puffy eyebags. Gingseng,gynostemma, vitamin K, vitamn C, zinc, copper, selenium and vitamin B complexalso positively affect your skin and eyes.

Exercise, limit the exposion to the sun, use creams with UVfilter on a daily basis. Stop smoking, eat healthy and natural food and yourskin and your eyes will be grateful.

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