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Circles under the eyes occur due to specific physiological mechanism. They are not caused, as many people think, by the watching movies late into the night, spending the night in front of PC or drinking. Circles under the eyes are produced by the same mechanism that produces bruises. In almost every case, the change of life style does not resolve the problem of bags under the eyes.

Circles under the eyes are actually oxidized hemoglobin. They start in the capillaries that are in the soft skin around the eyes. However, when the capillaries crack, which is a common phenomenon in the body, bodily enzymes break red blood cells, including their hemoglobin. Its remains form dark black and blue bruises which loop up on the gentle skin under the eyes.

Causes of dark circles

Genes are primary responsible for dark circles under the eyes but exposure to light may exacerbate them. Lack of sleep does not cause the creation of these circles, but it makes skin paler, and thus emphasizes circles under the eyes.

Among causes of circles under the eyes are the menstruation and pregnancy, which is why people often make the mistake, connecting circles with hormones.

Circles under the eyes are often a symptom of allergies.

Bags under the eyes rarely may be caused by a lack of vitamin. In some cases, however, change in diet helps.

With age the skin of the face become thinner and the hemoglobin is more visible.

Although they are visible and annoying, circles under the eyes are medically harmless. Sometimes they may be an indicator of serious organism states such as gastric problems, inflammation of the sinuses, kidney problems and anemia.

Natural Treatment

Although there are advices that cold compresses ease the bags under the eyes, it shouldn’t be done. It is true that the cold packs narrow blood vessels and reduce the circles, but also eyes will become prone to inflammation and colds, and it is possible that the eye muscles begin to jerk over time.

There are other, equally useful solutions, which will not harm the health of the eyes. One of them is application of Aloe Vera gel on the eyelids and bags but not too close to the eye so it wouldn’t come into contact with the eye mucous membranes. It has soothing effect. Aloe Vera gel will reduce dark circles under the eyes and swollen eyelids.

Also, the Russian tea bags can be put on the closed eyes and hold for 20 minutes.

Holding the rosewater and chamomile tea bags for ten minutes will alleviate the dark circles under the eyes, while relaxing a person by their smell.

To prevent the bags under the eyes the most important is increased intake of liquid and vitamin C. Person prone to circles under the eyes should avoid staying in the smoky rooms and excessive eye fatigue.

Enough sleep and drinking plenty of nettle and parsley tea is another way to fight annoying circles under the eyes.

Applying almond oil also can be very useful for overcoming bags under the eyes.

Besides that, laying cucumber or potatoes slices on bags is another successful way for solving this problem.

There are also special masks made of cucumber and lemon and tomato and lemon that can also be applied to remove dark circles under the eyes.

Drinking lemonade or tomato juice plays an important role in preventing the bags under the eyes.

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