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A lot of people experience puffiness around the eyes or dark circles under the eyes many times during their lives. There are various reasons why people end up with them and some of the most common reasons are a long night with no sleep and a terrible sleep. People who are in these situations quite a lot already have at home certain products which will get rid of the dark circles or at least make them not look so apparent. The use of these products will get rid of the redness and puffiness but only temporary and most people are aware of that. In order to get rid of the puffiness, people need to treat the actual cause.

The moisture of the skin

Fatigue is only one of the reasons why people wake up with puffy eyes. Aging is another thing that influences the showing up of dark circles quite a lot. When people get older, the skin loses its moisture within the inner layers. Apart from that, the skin will not easily retain the moisture again.

When the skin is not moist enough, an imbalance occurs. When that happens, the swelling around the eyes is a lot more noticeable. Apart from that, the circles under the eyes may become discolored and the skin will appear red or even dark in some cases.


However, people need not worry about that any more or at least, not that much. The main reason for that is because of the new product, called Eyeliss. A person who uses Eyeliss will easily get rid of the puffiness because of the combination of three potent ingredients which will make the skin under the eye look a lot healthier.

These three ingredients that make the difference are hesperidin methyl chalcone, di-peptide valyl tryptophane and liptopeptide pal-GQPR. These ingredients will benefit the getting rid of the puffiness and dark circles under the eyes because they better the circulation in that area, reduce the inflammation and lessen the chance of fluids building up in that area which are responsible for the occurring of the swelling.

In addition to these ingredients, Eyeliss also contains Haloxyl, which will reduce both swelling and the discoloration of the skin under the eye. Experts agree that this ingredient is probably the best for the removal of skin discoloration. People should know that it may take several years to better the look of the under eye area.

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