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Causes of eye bags

There are many factors that can contribute to people having bags under their eyes. Usually the weight of the fat that surrounds the eyes can cause ligaments, epidermis and muscles to become a lot more relaxed.

In some cases, there is additional fat that lies behind the support barrier of the eye lid, which will eventually give the eyes a baggy appearance.

In some cases, the relaxed epidermis will cause the bags, because there is too much skin in the area.

Sometimes, the muscle in the lid thickens or the upper part of the eyelids forms a bag because of eyebrows that tend to sag.

All of these situations have their own names, and they all have special surgical procedures that can be used to correct them.

Eye bags are also a common effect of aging and the process of getting older. It usually occurs, when the fat that borders the eyes begins to droop in reaction to gravity and the lack of suppleness sin the old skin.

It does not make the person look older per se, it actually just makes them look very tired and worn out.

However, there are procedures that can eliminate eye bags.

Effects of procedure

Eye bag elimination surgery can remedy puffy bags that are found under the eyes and can also take care of eyelids that droop.

These bag not only make the person look older, but they can also affect the vision negatively in some cases.

However, it is important to know the limitations of the surgery. The procedure will not get rid of crow’s feet or dark circles under the eyes. It will also not get rid of sagging eyebrows, but there are other surgical procedures that can take care of that.

In fact, the surgical procedure is often combined with other similar ones that will work in the same region, such as a brow lift or a complete facelift in order to enhance the look of the face in general. MethodThe procedure involves making a few very small incisions below the eyelashes. This will then allow the surgeon to remove the surplus skin and the fat that is causing the bags to appear under the eyes.

The procedure is usually called a blepharoplasty, and it is performed on both the upper and lower eyelids.

The eye bag removal procedures calls for staying one day in the hospital before heading home.

Once it is finished, the stitches will be removed in about three to seven days, which completes the surgery.

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