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Dark circles under the eyes are a medical problem whichaffects a large number of people everywhere around the world. It affects one’svisual appearance and makes him or her always look tired. Fortunately enough,there are ways and methods which can be helpful in getting rid of dark circlesunder the eyes. One needs to determine the exact cause of dark circles underthe eyes so that he or she may get rid of them for good.

The most common causesof dark circles under the eyes include fat loss that causes a sunken look,visible blood vessels due to thin and aging skin, side effects of variousdifferent types of medications, weight loss, illnesses, hyperpigmentation, toomuch sleep, lack of sleep, vitamin deficiency and iron deficiency. If all theaforementioned causes are ruled one needs to pay a visit to a dermatologist inorder to determine the exact cause.

Causes and Treatment Options

If a person suffers from dark circles under the eyes causedby fat loss, he or she may try using certain types of soft tissue fillers.Among the most popular soft tissue fillers available on the market is the onecalled Restylane. Visible blood vessels under the eyes are medically referredto as superficial vascularization and it may too be the triggering factor inthe development of dark circles under the eyes. Those who suffer from this typeof medical condition may be treated by IPL or various different types of lasertreatments. Those who suffer from dark circles under the eyes caused byhyperpigmentation may also choose from several different types of treatmentoptions. Those options include chemical peels, intense pulsed light and laserskin rejuvenation.

Various different types of topical bleaching agents such ashydroquinone may also be helpful to a certain extent in some cases. There arealso various different sorts of concealers and other cosmetics available on themarket which can be used to solve this annoying medical problem. Those can bepurchased in the form of pancake type creams, sticks or liquid. These productscan be used multiple times during the day as they are supposedly very efficientin lightening the areas of the skin under the eyes and moisturizing those sameareas. These products are jam packed with vitamin C, alpha hydroxyl acids,copper peptides, retinoic acid and caffeine. Such ingredients are supposedlyvery helpful when it comes to reducing the puffiness and the wrinkles at the skinareas located around the eyes.

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