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Importance of dailymeals

When it comes todrawing a line between meals and their importance for our overall well being,breakfast is the one that is considered to bear the greatest overallimportance. Unfortunately, due to the extremely tight daily schedules, mostpeople do have the tendency to disregard this fact and exclude breakfast formtheir daily diet plan. But, one important fact that attention needs to be drawnto is that a proper and well “organized” breakfast is simply a must. Unfortunately,as busy as most people are, taking 5 minutes and having at least cereals forbreakfast is not an option. However, there may be an extremely good solution tothis problem and it is in the form of a bagel. It is not only convenient, butits healthy sides make it highly desirable breakfast option. Despite this, andgiven the fact that today a person can opt for a whole lot of varieties,choosing the most proper kind is often a more tough choice than thought of atthe beginning.

Choose the right one

In relation to whathas been said a bit earlier, it is important to at least gather some basicinformation regarding the nutritional value of different kinds of bagel, so asnot to end up in an awkward position and find yourself face to face with unwantedexcess “baggage.” Some of the important things to look for in a bagel, and lookafter are the following – whenever possible do not opt for white or bagels madefrom the refined flour, for they contain those good-for-nothing carbohydrates.Also the whole wheat variety is not processed, which means that their nutrientsare of intact nature and thus more beneficial overall. Paying attention to thenutrition-facts label on the package is another must. Those varieties with dryfruit bear the danger of making your blood sugar levels rise, since they arerich in sugars. And of course, try to avoid such bagel add ons as cream cheeseand jelly.

Nutrition facts andfigures

All of the numbers presented are related to a half ofthe bagel, or approximately 70 g. The order of appearance is as following: calories/total fat in gms/ saturated fat in gms/ cholesterol in mgs/ sodium in gms/carbohydrates in gms/ fiber in gms/ sugars in gms/ proteins in gms.

Apple cinnamonbagel: 166 /1 /0 /0/236 /35/2/3 and 6Banana Nut bagel has 170/ 1/ 0 /0/230/34/2/2/ and6Blueberry bagel : 165/1/0/0/241/34/2/1 and 6Cheddar Herb bagel : 176/3/2/8/302/30/1/1/ and 7CinnamonRaisin:168/1/0/0/232/35/2/1 and 6Cinnamon Sugar: 175/1/0/0/ 241/37/1/1/and 6

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