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The oil in questionis known to be extracted from the seed of sesame for quite some time, andimplications are that this has been done for ages. Thanks to archaeologists we know now that this oil has been produced and used in Persia and India as farback as 3000 years ago. Having that period in mind, it must also be pointed outthat the oil in question was regarded as the best possible foundation for makingexotic perfumes, and culinary dishes. What's more, this oil abounds in varioushealth benefits and due to this reason it has also been employed in Ayurveda as aregular constituent, as well as for its wondrous healing properties.

“Alter egos”

Besides the namereferred to so far, this oil is also quite familiar under the names of tilloil, and also ginger oil. As far as its characteristics are concerned, it is knownto be quite a rich oil that is not endowed with any odor. Because of its fairlyhigh smoke points, and because it abounds in polyunsaturated fatty acids (asmuch as 41 percent), as well as vitamins B, E, calcium, iron, magnesium and alike,it is most frequently employed in cooking. The light variety has found best usage instir frying, whereas roasted and toasted varieties are extensively employed asseasoning, especially in Asia.

Having the potentialusage in mind, and different ones come to that, it can be said that sesame oilis quite extensively used on regular basis. This is the case primarily becauseit is endowed with antioxidant properties. There is an argument about the fact that this might beone of the reasons why this variety of oil is also often referred to as the queen of oils. Another proven fact isthat the main reason why it has been around for such a long time is due to itsextraordinary healing characteristics and potentials. Also, this oil regarded asa full-fledged natural antibacterial remedy for numerous skin pathogens such as,for example – streptococcus, staphylococcus, as well as in case of athlete’sfoot (a variety of fungi).

Some of the benefitsthat this oil provides, especially according to Ayurveda, include treatment of diabetes,hepatitis, migraines, as well as keeping the cholesterol levels in check at alltimes.


When it comes tonutrition related facts, they look like the following:

Caloriecount – 120Caloriescoming from fats – 122Fat(overall) – 14 gCholesterolcounts – 0 mgSodiumcounts – 0 mgCarbohydratescount – 0 gProteincount – 0 g

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