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This diet was created for men who either want to lose some weight, or they are a part of a bodybuilding program at their gym.

Carbohydrates are perhaps the most important part of a healthy and balanced diet, since they are the fuel our body needs to perform any kind of task, be it mental or physical, and especially physical. Even though they are obviously very important, if a healthy life and diet is what’s on our mind, it is essential that we control the amount of carbs we take.


There are two types: simple and complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are the ones that are easily digested and thus put to good use, while complex carbs are difficult to digest and too big an intake may lead to various diseases, and that is why a low carb diet is good for you because it will help balance the intake of high, complex carbs.


The low carb diet is based on the popular and effective Atkin’s diet which focuses on reducing the amount of carbs we take in, and in the first two days of the program, our carbs intake may only reach 20 grams of carbs a day.

When following the low carb diet, it is important not to change the size of the portions and carbs intake for all three meals throughout both the day and the diet. The breakfast is the most important meal and it has to be largely nutritious so as to supply you with enough energy for the first half of your day.

Breakfast can include eggs, different types of cereal, as well as low carb biscuits. Lunch is also very important, and the food you choose to eat at lunchtime should be something that will keep you fresh and energized. Try to steer away from any type of fast food, be it hamburgers, hot dogs, pizzas or any other, since this type of food is not nutritious enough and it can only harm your body and health. What you should consider for lunch are different salad mixes and a variety of soups, which are both incredibly tasty and good for your well-being as well. As for dinner, stick with the salads, but you can also go for some low-carb pastas or different fibrous foods.

It is highly recommender that before you partake in the suggested diet, you consult your doctor and make sure that you are physically prepared for a change in your way of living as well as whether this program would match your lifestyle and how much you individually would benefit from it.

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