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Nowadays, people are looking for various diet plans in order to change something about them. Some people want to lose weight through a diet, others want to gain muscle mass. One particular diet is the one with no carbs in it. A person who follows this diet will need to get rid of almost all carbohydrates he or she usually consumes. On the other hand, this diet consists mainly on protein and fat-rich foods.

Dr. Atkins

The first time someone has heard of this diet was in the year 1972. This diet was constructed by a certain cardiologist called Dr. Robert Atkins and the diet bears his name even today. This is why most people know this diet as Atkins diet. Dr. Atkins based this diet on an idea he called a nutritional approach. His idea was that a person who wants to lose weight should follow a low carbohydrates, high fat diet instead of low-fat and high carbohydrate diet. People need to know that if they decide to follow this diet plan, they will need to cut out all the whites from the menu.

No carb diet foods list

The first thing that should be people’s mind when they think of the foods they can consume when on a no carb diet is that all the foods that contain white flour and sugar are not supposed to be consumed. People need not worry whether they are going to remain hungry because this diet contains a lot of fat and a person’s hunger will be satisfied.

People who are starting a no carb diet should know that all types of meat are allowed to be consumed. This means that white and red meat is also allowed to be eaten but people should avoid eating liver. A person who prefers eating canned meat should always read the label and see whether there are any carbs.

When it comes to seafood, people should know that every fish type can be in the menu. The only thing that people on no carb diet should avoid eating are oysters since they are known to contain some carbohydrates.

Eggs are allowed to be consumed at all times. Experts agree that the best way to prepare eggs is to boil them.

Cheese can also be consumed by people who are on a no carb diet but people need to makes sure that they do not eat more than 4 oz in one day.

This diet is supposed to contain a lot of fat and people are allowed to eat butter, mayonnaise, cream and such foods but there should be some limitations.

All low starch vegetables can be included in the diet plan.

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