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Asparagus is a flowering type of plant which is commonly grown in Europe, northern Africa and western Asia. It is very important because it provides the human body with numerous different types of health benefits so that is why it should be incorporated into everyone’s diet. It is commonly cultivated as a vegetable because it has very high nutritional value.

About Asparagus

The plant itself can grow up 4 feet in height and is characterized by numerous branches and leathery leaves which have a unique, needle-like appearance. For many centuries, asparagus has been used for various medicinal and culinary purposes. It is known for its very potent diuretic properties. Since it is jam packed with various nutrients, it is highly recommended to be included in any type of diet. Asparagus is usually consumed grilled, steamed or boiled. It is a very important ingredient in numerous different types of salads, where it commonly accompanies rice, avocado and tomatoes.

Asparagus Nutritional Information

Asparagus is an excellent source of potassium, proteins, copper, phosphorus, manganese, dietary fibers, vitamin C, vitamins from the B complex and vitamin A. It contains very low amounts of sodium, and an average serving usually contains only 25 calories. That same serving provides the consumer with 100 percent of vitamin C, 80 percent of fiber and 10 percent of folate daily requirements for the body. The same serving also provides the body with 60 percent of daily requirements of folacin. A single serving of asparagus provides somewhere around 3 grams of dietary fiber, which adds up to approximately 11 percent of daily requirements. The same serving also provides around 70 percent of vitamin K, 20 percent of vitamin A, 16 percent of iron, 12 percent of copper and 11 percent of manganese daily requirements for the body.

Health Benefits of Asparagus

Asparagus is very beneficial when it comes to preventing hypertension, heart diseases and various different types of cancer. Folacin from the asparagus is very efficient in preventing various liver diseases, enhancing the formation of blood cells and improving the growth of the body. Cutin is another highly beneficial substances found in asparagus. It comes in very handy in strengthening the capillary walls. Asparagus is very helpful in prevention and treatment of arthritis and various types of inflammatory conditions. It is excellent for the overall health of the digestive tract. Asparagus is actually one of the most complete types of food items.

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