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Arthritis is a medical condition that affects joints and leads to their inflammation. The affected joints are swollen, painful and tender to touch. The skin above the joints is red and warm and the movement of the affected joint is significantly reduced. There are many types of arthritis but the two main types are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The condition can be associated with many factors and there are several treatment modalities which can successfully deal with symptoms and signs of joint inflammation. Water exercise is only one treatment modality for arthritis.

Water Exercises for Arthritis

This treatment should only be prescribed by a doctor. During water exercise the entire body, except for the head, is submerged in water, where the person can perform a variety of exercises which are generally prescribed by a well experienced physical therapist.

For example, the arms can be stretched in front of the body and the palms kept facing the ceiling. What follows is turning the palms so that they face the floor of the pool. These activities are supposed to be repeated for at least 10 minutes. One more exercise for the hand includes curling the fingers and forming a fist and opening the palm. In case of wrist exercises the arms are stretched and the wrist is bent up and down. This particular exercise is repeated 5 times.

The movement in the elbows is improved with stretching of the arms in front of the body, bending of the elbows and making the thumbs touch the shoulders. What follows is strengthening of the elbows.

To improve movement in the ankles one is supposed to stand on his/her legs and raise a leg forward keeping the knees straight. The leg is raised for at least 30 degrees and what follows is bending of the ankle up and down (8-10 times). These exercises are performed with both legs.

Hip arthritis water exercises include bending on one side and maintaining the position for few seconds. The person is then supposed to bend on the other side and repeat the entire process. Bending from one side to another is supposed to be repeated for several times. One more hip exercise is performed if one is standing upright, holding the wall of the pool and swinging the leg opposite to the hand which holds the wall of the pool. The leg is swung backward and forwards.

And finally, positive effects on knees and ankles can be achieved by walking in the water.

Measures of Precautions

The water should not be very hot, there should be a person nearby in case of emergency and one is not supposed to exercise on a full stomach.

Water exercises for arthritis are forbidden in pregnant women and in case a patient is suffering from certain medical conditions such as certain heart conditions, high/low blood pressure and several more conditions.

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