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Patients suffering from arthritis are looking for new ways to deal with the pain in the joints. Exercising is essential for these patients even though there are a lot of those who believe that by moving they will only make the pain worse. Performing regular exercise a person will aid in keeping the joints moving, restore any lost flexibility and strength and uphold them and even protect the joints from any further damage. Thanks to exercise lots of people have better coordination and endurance and are able to perform normal daily tasks with more ease. In addition to all these benefits, exercise is known to improve the mood and a sense of self-esteem.

Warm Water Benefits for Arthritis

Warm water therapy is only one of the many treatment options for patients diagnosed with arthritis. Warm water provides a lot of health benefits like muscle relaxation and that is vital for those who experience stiffness in joints. Decreased pain and stiffness are some other benefits that a person will experience. Due to warm water therapies a person will be able to perform the daily tasks and activities with more ease. Since exercise is almost always present in arthritis treatment plan, warm water will enable the patient to perform them with less pain.

Patients who are about to start exercising in warm water should be aware of the fact that the water needs to be warm and not extremely hot because water hot as that does not provide the needed results and is not safe. The temperature of the water needs to be soothing and comfortable. Those exercising in pools should make sure that the temperature of the water is between 83 and 88 degrees F. At the beginning of the treatment, patients should avoid spending more than 15 minutes soaking in a spa at a temperature of 104 degrees F. After some time, the time can be extended but only as long as a person feels comfortable.

The patient should not decide on his or her own how to treat the condition but only come up with a treatment program with the doctor or some other health professional. The treatment plan will depend on several factors like the type of arthritis a person is suffering from, how it affects him or her, how severe the disease is and which joints are affected.

Exercises in Warm Water

Water exercises are nowadays a very popular treatment option for arthritis patients due to lots of reasons. One of the main reasons why that is so, is because the perkiness and relaxing warmth or warm water is the best possible environment for getting rid of pain and stiffness in the joints. When exercising in warm water, the temperature of the body will increase and that leads to dilation of blood vessels and increased circulation. Water provides enough support for the joints to move freely and because of the resistance the muscles will even become stronger. Patients who experience the benefits of warm water exercise may even buy a hot tub for the home or install a pool. Not all exercises can be performed in hot tubs of all sizes and shapes, so this should be taken into consideration when purchasing it. Pools are a better option because they provide more space and allow more vigorous exercises. However, it is vital to use the hot tub or a pool safely. The patient should consult a doctor before buying either of them and before starting with certain exercises.

Even at the first moment the patient gets into warm water he or she will feel better at once. There will be a lot less weight on the joints. In addition to this, the warmth of the water soothes the pain. Those exercising outside of any group or class should start with not long sessions and slowly build up. Patients should not spend more than half an hour exercising. If dizziness, drowsiness, nausea or extreme fatigue is experienced at any point it is essential to get out of the pool at once. Those exercises that provide pain and discomfort should not be performed and the patient should talk to the doctor about them. Drinking water after exercising is vital in order for the lost fluids to be replaced. Rest is of great significance as well, especially if the patient feels extremely tired.

Walking through water or swimming gently are the best exercises to start the training with. These exercises will warm up the body. At first, a person should do no more than 5 repetitions but gradually work up to 10 repetitions. Doing the exercises through as full a range of movement as possible is vital. Increasing the effort should be done but only if the patient does not feel uncomfortable. The parts of the body that are being exercised should be kept under water. Feeling stable and comfortable while performing the exercises is essential.

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