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Shoulder pain is one of the most common health complains today. Even young people suffer from shoulder pain, which typically starts after spending a lot of hours in front of the computer. Having the hands in an unnatural position, lifted on a keyboard, for a couple of hours, increases the stress in the shoulders and results in annoying pain. Shoulder pain is typically associated with the soreness of the tendon or the rotator cuff. It usually doesn’t correspond to an injury but occurs after the activities such as painting, lifting weights or playing a sport, which require motion from the arms. Simple treatment, including these exercises can help to relieve pain and restore shoulder’s normal function.

Motion range exercises

Every shoulder treatment should begin with these exercises which are very helpful to avoid complications associated with the injury or strain, and to warm up the shoulder region and prepare it for physical exercise. These exercises involve bending over and rotating the shoulder in large circles. The exerciser stands up and leans forward facing the floor. The sore arm should dangle straight down while the exerciser supports the body by leaning the other arm on the table. The exerciser draws circles in the air with sore arm, starting with small circles and progressing slowly to bigger ones.

Dart or Arrow

This exercise is very good to relieve the pain in the muscles, but it also stretches the shoulders in the neck. The exercise starts by lying on the stomach with a forehead on the towel and arms at the sides. The palms are facing the floor. The exerciser contracts the abdominal muscles and lifts the chest and the head of the floor, while looking at it. The arms should be raised about 2 inches from the floor reaching the fingertips to the end of the mat with palms up. The exerciser repeats this one for at least four times, while trying to hold the position longer each time, building gradually up to 20 seconds. Band Pull

For this exercise, one needs a resistance band which helps to stretch and strengthen the muscles of the upper back and shoulders. Band is warped around a static solid object and positioned at the same level as the exerciser’s chest. The exerciser holds the ends of the band with each hand and pulls the elbows straight back to reach the hands to the waist. It is important to stay tall and avoid crunching, and keep the chest open throughout the exercise.

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