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Anger is a set of negative emotions which are known to interfere with our life, causing us to feel very nervous and frustrated. Moreover, anger can make us lash out at our superiors or colleagues at work, our friends or lovers, our children and many other people in our life.

Thus, when we notice that we are getting angry quickly and that we are spending most of our time directing anger at other people while, actually, damaging ourselves, we need to stop and think. Each bout of anger has a cause which needs to be dealt with. We need to control our emotions and manage to stay sensible and calm at all times.


If you are troubled by anger often, you need to find ways of negating it or letting it go. Meditation is one of the most effective ways of dealing with stress, which can be the main cause of your temper and anger. Dedicate 10 minutes of your every day to breathing exercises and meditation. This will grant you emotional and physical balance and boost your mood significantly.

Breathing is the key factor to stress release and anger management. Deep breathing can calm you down and relax you completely. Whenever you are angry, just close your eyes and take a single, deep breath. During the inhalation of the breath, count to 10. Once you have done this open your eyes, relax and breathe out slowly.

Additional Anger Management Techniques

Sometimes, all you need is a nice, soothing bath. Therefore, whenever life seems incredibly frustrating and everyone seems guilty for it, take a long, relaxing bath or drink a glass of cool water.

Also, you can try to counter the anger with happy emotions and thoughts. For example, whenever anger starts to be overwhelming, remember a funny situation from the past, or a happy one. You will notice how your anger levels start to drop and you regain control over your body and mind.

We all have our ways of relaxing. Some people take long drives or walks around the peaceful countryside. Some spend time with the people they love in order to calm down and seek support, while others listen to their favorite tunes, forgetting all about their anger and frustrations this way. All in all, find your own way do defuse anger, before you burst. Whatever works for you will do.

Final Words of Wisdom

Usually, our anger stems from great expectations. Thus, it might do us good to be realistic at all times and not get our hopes too high. Nothing and nobody is perfect and bad things happen since we all make mistakes. This is normal and is not worth your anger and frustrations. Rather, concentrate on being happy and enjoying every second of this miracle called life.

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